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Tommaso and Alessandro Pinto aka The “DopeBoyz”.
Two brothers of Italian/Greek heritage living in Germany, producing quality Hip Hop and R&B music since 2008.


Tommaso (Paint – born in 1988) developed an interest in music early on. This interest quickly grew into hunger for creation of his own music. Being too young to acquire his own equipment to make anything he resulted to “borrowing” his fathers stereo and tape deck to record his first mix-tapes. Following famed influences such as 2 Pac, Memphis Bleek, Jay Z and more while most of his peers were stuck in the pop culture drooling over artists like the Backstreet Boys. Paint was also fortunate enough to be influenced by his fathers great taste in music which introduced legendary old school Funk groups, Hip Hop Classics and Reggae to him. After years of inheriting a love and passion for music Paint had earned himself his first turntables at 15 years old and started DJ’ing. Only to find himself 4 months later shaking the nerves to put on his first big show in front of a 1000+ people which then led to more bookings and shows.


At the age of 18 he was instantly captivated by one of Ryan Leslie’s famous beat making videos on Youtube and instantly knew he wanted to do the same thing. So he bought his first synthesizer, a Roland Juno-G, got an old version of FL studio from a friend and started experimenting. Paint kept DJ’ing at the clubs but noticed his own music was undoubtedly taking over as his productions were getting better & better.


His newly discovered passion did not go unnoticed by his brother Alessandro (Dangerous – born in 1993). Not only was he the younger brother, he was also much more introverted. Due to the fact that he was (and still is kinda of a) computer nerd, messing around with FL studio seemed to be the perfect pastime, since he could do it while sitting in front of his computer as usual. However, long hours spent in front of his computer seemed to be paying off quickly! It didn’t take too long for him to understand the basic functions of his DAW so his skills improved incredibly fast.


“I remember when my brother showed me the first beat he had made. I recommended some changes here and there, but it was already sounding great. Two weeks later he showed me another beat he had made and it sounded better than anything I had produced up to that point and much better than his first try, which made me think he had downloaded the beat from somebody else and was trying to prank me.” (Paint)


Apparently he wasn’t, and had already started on a few more tracks which sounded very promising. From that moment on the two brothers started taking things more seriously and started working together, perfecting their craft by learning from one another. “Dangerous” took to the piano and became a big fan of classical music, playing his first small concerts at only 15 years old. Believe it or not, he’s also a big fan of classic Rock, a weird mix isn’t it?


“It’s kind of funny when you see my brother pull up to the studio with Led Zeppelin on full blast and 5 minutes later he’ll be making the meanest Hip Hop beats.” (Paint)


“Dangerous” studies music production at the University of Munster. Without a doubt he’s the musical brain of the DopeBoyz. Due to their different musical background and influences, their production is very versatile which has proven to be a big advantage. They’ve been able to successfully showcase their production skills on their Youtube channel and in various contests. In 2011 they won the “Mike Kalombo Producer Contest” on Youtube which put them on the radar of Hip Hop mogul Jermaine Durpi. After a few more years of hard work the DopeBoyz are one of the most successful producers online, averaging 450+ monthly beat sales, having produced, remixed, mixed and mastered songs for independent artists in over 30 different countries.


“When we started out, we just wanted to make music and do what we love to do. To us making a living off music always seemed like an impossible goal to reach. Now we’ve been producing music full time for 3 years and we don’t see ourselves stopping, only progressing forward. It’s truly a dream come true”.
(Paint & Dangerous)

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