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Mixing & Mastering

Mixing and Mastering is a crucial part of music production and can make or break a record, which is why it’s important to have a professional, who is able to take your rough ideas and transform them into a cohesive, balanced and polished sounding record (or gritty if it’s required).

No matter if you’re listening to a song with your Ear Pods on while riding the bus, or you’re DJing in a club, thinking about which song you’re going to play next, the songs that sound muffled, harsh or weak, will be skipped almost every time, because they’re unpleasant to listen to and can’t quite compete with how crisp and fat your favorite artists song sounds. We want to help prevent that from happening and make sure your songs sound up to par.

With 15+ years of music production experience, we have the skill to identify potential problems and weaknesses a record might have and fix them, making sure your songs won’t be skipped and sound as high quality as they possibly can.

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All music produced, mixed and mastered by DopeBoyzMuzic”