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Custom Beats

Tailored Sound Just For You

If you want a beat that,

  • Nobody ever leased before
  • Nobody ever heard before
  • Nobody else will ever have
Then custom beats are for you!

Depending on your vision for a song we will tailor a production around your requests completely from scratch. If you want a sample incorporated, we can do that too! Clearing the sample is required by the artist prior to distribution.

Please fill out the form and be as specific as possible about how you want the beat to sound like. Add reference songs/beats if you think it helps so that we can determine whether or not we’re the right producers for your project and what the costs for our work are going to be. Look forward to working with you!

  • What type of genre?

Mixing & Mastering

Get The Best Sound

What Is Mixing:

Mixing is the process of taking all the raw audio material and recordings and shaping them into a finished sounding song by technically making the recordings sound as good as possible. This process includes balancing the volume of each individual element and the mix as a whole, balancing the frequencies, processing the recording with compression, reverbs, delays and much more.


What is Mastering:

Mastering is the process of creating the master copy of a record from which all other replications will be made. During this process the engineer will focus on sweetening the record and processing the song/album to make it the best version it can be.


If you’re interested in having us mix and master your next song/album please contact us below and be as specific as you can about your project, so that we can determine whether or not we’re the right choice and what the costs for our work are going to be.

Our Most Recent Project

Produced, Mixed & Mastered by The DopeBoyz

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One on One with you via Skype

Want to start selling beats? Want to take your beat selling game to the next level? Have questions about mixing or mastering? Book a one on one video consultation with us and let us help guide the way! Get 60 uninterrupted minutes for $200 today!